Wildfire 3 Wheeled Vehicle


The Wildfire Motors WF650-C, while not an electric automobile, does claim an impressive 60-70 miles per gallon. This is a 3 wheeled "motorcycle", and is registered as a motorcycle in the United States.

The Wildfire has  a 26 horsepower engine with a top speed of 65 miles per hour. It also has a 4 speed manual transmission. The load capacity is 800 lbs. This looks like a good little car for driving around town, and running errands. Does not appear to have seat belts (since technically a motorcycle), so not recommended for kids to ride.




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  1. Richard says:

    I want to know if they are made with 4 wheels.And check on prices.

  2. I have a new one at my dealership that I will sell for $4999. They list for $7810. No one will beat this price. Im located in Evansville, IN

  3. P G SANTHOSH says:


  4. john says:

    @Scott Winstead
    i want to buy it if you still have it

  5. Richard says:

    Richard :I want to know if they are made with 4 wheels.And check on prices.

  6. C. Gardner says:

    @Scott Winstead
    if you still have the wildfire for sale I may be interested. e-mail me on if it is still available

  7. I’am writing to you about the three wheel car you have for sale
    for $4,999.00. if you still have it in stock. reply please one way or
    the other. for SCOUT WINSTEAD

    thank you
    wayne stevens

    @Scott Winstead

  8. Scott Winstead :I have a new one at my dealership that I will sell for $4999. They list for $7810. No one will beat this price. Im located in Evansville, IN

    how many miles does the car have on it i know its new and what size

  9. John Janoski says:

    I would like more information on the Wildfire 3 wheeled vehicle. Is it available near Oklahoma?

  10. rosemary says:

    this is a very nice car i would get it for my first car
    if you would please send me more information
    thank you rosemary

  11. admin says:


    Visit this link to find a wild fire dealer near your location.



  12. brandon richert says:

    I live in Tulsa Oklahoma, i would like to buy it but thats kind of a long ways from here. Does it do very well on the highway? If so i will buy it, or maybe i can have it shipped here.

  13. Ronnie Smith says:

    I have a new one at my dealership that I will sell for $4999. They list for $7810. No one will beat this price. Im located in Evansville, IN<

  14. Ronnie Smith says:

    Do you still have the car I interested in buying it. Will you ship it to Flordia?

  15. Gerald Lenavitt says:

    Would like to buy a new Wildfire WF650-C. Looking for a dealer reasonabely close to home.
    Location is Kittanning, PA 16201. Know of anyone who can sell me one. Supply price w/ info also. Thanks

  16. Ronnie says:

    @Ronnie Smith
    Please call me at 770-289-9660 Thanks Ronnie

  17. Warren says:

    Searching for new or used Wildfire 3 wheeled vehicle close to Tucson, AZ. Anybody out there seen one? Call 520-808-7031 Thanks

  18. peter p says:

    looking for used wildfire wf 800-c or wf 600-c or wf 800or 600-t
    near knoxville tenn e-mail me at pparmantie@yahoo.com and price

  19. Tom Wise says:

    @Scott Winstead
    can you still get one of these ? ive looked everywhere :-(

  20. dennis branan says:

    @wayne stevens
    still have car, do you carry the truck, am in va so what about shipping, thanks, dennis

  21. dennis branan says:

    do you still have car? sorry and do you carry the truck version, still live in va what about shipping, dennis

  22. Carlise Bocci says:

    Do these vechiles have an accessory plug to use for GPS? I am located in central Florida, can you give a ball park figure for shipping?

  23. Curtis says:

    Who sells these in Oklahoma?

  24. Michael Crocker says:

    I am very interested in one of these but can not find anyone in Houston that sell new or even used. Do you have a street legal version of this? Or a larger motor for traffice. I plan to make one my principal car. Thank you

  25. william cagliostro says:

    @Ronnie Smith
    Dear sirs.I was looking for a used wildfire pick up but I may be interested in your wildfire.My phone number is 941 979-1176.Kind regards,William

  26. robert t vaughn says:

    what is your address in E town

  27. Lexi Curyk says:

    I am interested in finding a van or the pickup truck – does anyone know where there is one for sale? Please contact me at Lexic57@yahoo.com – in memo mention “Wildfire For Sale”


  28. Len says:

    I found this site while reasearching the WF800-T I have 2 for sale if anyone is still looking. They are both NEW 2011′s, I got them both off the dealers lot, I purchased them as he was going out of business. The price is $6,750 ca$h or trade. The only motor vehicle I would consider is some type of motorhome. I am into firearms & blades of any kind old or new forign or military, gold & silver of any type or ??? I am in Alton,IL. & will make arraingemenst for delivery if needed.
    Email Len thirdwheel2@att.net

  29. John Kelley says:

    I like the bike. Is there a dealer close to SSpringfield, Mo.?

  30. fred billingsley says:

    Is their any of these available, and if so where? Please let me know. New or used O.K. thanks Fred

  31. Ganiyu akeem eboda says:

    Pls I want d price because a piece

  32. Knuj says:

    I want one :)
    Does anyone know where I can get one?Everybody seems to be sold out, including the manufacturer’s website…any information is appreciated!

  33. Len says:

    I have 2 WF 800-T Both are new old stock never run on road, never had a license plate. Located in Alton, IL. Sell or Trade

  34. Don says:


    I would be interested in buying one, please contact me and let me know if you still have them or not. Thanks.


  35. pete says:

    just picked up one of these someone make me a fair price they can have it I’ll be bringing it back from Ann Arbor Michigan be back in az by the 17th of December if u need more info can reach me at leepullen1960@gmail.com runs good 1675 miles got a few dings owners kids. Inside needs work sat with couple windows down about 6 inchs not perfect but lot to work with let me know

  36. pete says:

    Have one for sell just got it barn find runs great 1675 miles 12/5/2013 needs lil work leepullen1960@gmail.com hit me up will respond to all e mails…thanks

  37. blaine shepherd says:

    Are parts available for the wildfire 3 wheel, and where?

  38. tony collins says:

    I would love to know more about these cars,I live in KY.I can buy one for about $900 needs work…………??

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